Pastor Mel


Born in Brooklyn, New York Mel, grew up in a loving household with his mother Patricia as well as his grandparents, Melford C. & Laura J. Keyes. At seventeen he entered in the United States Air Force where he spent ten years on active duty stationed in Texas where he met his lovely wife, Kendra F.  Keyes,  now married for over 31 years. They have three children and two grandchildren and for the past 15 of those years, Mel has continued to grow as pastor of The Joshua House of Worship, located in the heart of the west side of San Antonio.


Mel has authored two books, “Hell To The Know” and “7 Keyes For The Best of Your Life,” both based on bible based principles pointed at personal development. As an entrepreneur Mel has created conferences, inspirational radio programming & even served as a cast member for a personal development based reality TV show called “The Keynote.”  He and Kendra enjoy  owning & operating  their work from home travel business, teaching others how to travel more affordably, creating additional income and funding extra support for passions and kingdom causes like their own role in orphan ministry.


As a community leader and an adaptive parent himself, Mel became a charter member & vice chairman of The Community Clergy Advisory Board (CCAB) a state mandated group that promotes the adoption of and provision of services to minority children through consulting with churches and other civic organizations. He presently serves as the region 8 representative and member on The Advisory Committee On Promoting Adoption of Minority Children, appointed by the Texas Department Of Family And Protective Services Commissioner.


Mel’s studies include an associate degree from the United States Air Force in instruction methodologies, an Associate of Arts in Cross Cultural Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from The Baptist University of the Americas; as well as a Master’s of Arts degree in Christian Ministry from The Dallas Baptist University. He served as a founding board member of the student advisory council for The Baptist University of The Americas.


As a certified life coach with 48 Days and founder of “Master Keyes Coaching & Consulting,” Pastor Mel is focused on helping others access the keys to unlock the vision inside of them in the three fold areas of:


Ministry, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.