About us

Joshua House of Worship

The Place Where The Love of God Abounds Unconditionally & Where Worship Comes To Life.
Our Vision

Living & Loving; Learning; Giving; Glowing and Going throughout San Antonio to faithfully share our testimony about God’s goodness to us and His love for all humanity as we live our lives passionately and purposefully in order to make strong, healthy, multi-generational and multicultural disciples for God; giving Him the maximum glory in all things.

Each member at JHOW is encouraged, equipped and expected to share in ministry service according to their callings and gifts for service, regardless of age, race or gender. As a multi-cultural and multi- generational congregation seeking the spiritual welfare and growth of her members, we’ve determined to keep service our goal rather than status.

God has inspired the JHOW family to not only organize our ministry around the five purposes as learned from the purpose driven teachings but also to reinforce those purposes with what we refer to as “The 12 Tribes of JHOW.” Each of the “tribes” represents a grouping of similar ministries that are connected to one another for the greater accomplishment of the overall mission.

We have been told time and time again that the atmosphere at JHOW is loving and dynamic. We hope that upon your visit in the near future that you will say the same. Certainly, after your first visit we will no longer be strangers because of the calling of God upon our congregation to be "The place where the love of God abounds unconditionally and where worship comes to life."

Come see for yourself.

At JHOW We EnVision

  • A church that effectively shepherds and disciples several hundred members maintaining a nucleus of 100 core leaders or more committed to Christian discipleship
  • A church that believes in giving God biblically pleasing worship that invites His presence, liberates His people and wages warfare against the enemy
  • A vibrant church that is biblically healthy and socially relevant
  • A church that emphasizes spiritual health above and beyond numerical expansion
  • A church where every member is accountable to the body of Christ for our actions starting with the pastor and leaders
  • A church with a spiritually qualified team of ordained persons in ministry under the leadership of the senior pastor
  • A church strategized to equip a core group of ‘ministers’ committed to equipping the congregation for the work of the ministry
  • A church that effectively shepherds and disciples several hundred members maintaining a nucleus of 100 core leaders or more committed to Christian discipleship
  • A purpose driven church that is balanced and focused on her 5 fold purposes
  • A church that continuously and effectively prepares our children to assume the reigns of spiritual leadership being able to carry out their God gifted areas of ministry effectively as adults
  • A church that gives special honor, love, recognition and heeds to the wisdom of our senior saints

  • A church that has and uses the necessary tools and resources to have a maximum spiritual impact on the west side community for Christ
  • A church that effectively, transparently and biblically manages it's more than adequate monetary resources to do the ministry that God has called us forth to do
  • A church that models and promotes the biblical principles of Godly stewardship
  • A church that promotes and perpetuates the biblical model of healthily functioning families
  • A church that has deep connections and commitments within her community
  • A church that is ethnical, educationally and economically diverse
  • A church that is partnered with others of like faith to accomplish greater works for the glory of God
  • A church that is a model and servant to other churches of like faith for the expansion of God’s kingdom
  • A church staged and continuously preparing to plant other churches and ministries as God ordains and allows
  • A church where “The love of God abounds unconditionally and worship comes to life.”
With God’s blessing there will be several future ministry extensions born from the seeds of the fruit that we, The Joshua House of Worship, have been called to carry and bear. To God be the glory for the work that we have the privilege to begin. What we do and become today will shape the possibilities of our service tomorrow. May we fervently seek the face and heart of God becoming worthy vessels for the birth of each new ministry that He has spoken in His own due time.

Joshua House of Prayer

A place of ministry where believers are called to come together from various parts of the city to focus on the continual, effectual and fervent work of prayer. A place where the people of God sincerely recognizes the magnitude, scope, intensity and burden needed for prayer in these last days is so much more than thetouch and go kind of prayers that we have become so acquainted with today. Jesus said that His house will be called a house of PRAYER. A place where the prayers to God will be the central focus and God’s altar will always be lit.

Joshua House of Service

A place where a fresh, new start can be experienced by young men and women who have had barriers such as abandonment, incarceration, drugs and other issues. A group home with ministry leaders networked together with community resources of every needed kind to offer the type of environment conduciveto allowing God to give brand new lives filled with purpose to those who are willing to receive it. The residents in this housing program will have mentors and house leaders who are always there to love, encourage, equip and even enforce the discipline and boundaries needed for success. The residents will be trained, educated and exposed to various crafts and skills for career advancement and part of their duties will include providing continuous acts of community service helpful for the building of character and self-respect. These volunteer tasks will be properly coordinated with city officials.

Joshua House of Learning

A place of learning ranging from Christian Daycare to a specialized Christian academy [1st to 6th grade] focused on teaching the kids not only on the spiritual and secular lessons that they will need to learn in life but the practical skills that they will need to be successful in everyday life also. A place thatoffers a loving, safe, effective and productive Christian learning environment with curriculum ranging from leadership, effective communication, self-esteem, self-responsibility, financial planning, conflict resolution, talent contests, volunteerism and other like subjects being offered.

Joshua House of Love

A place where young, unwed, mothers to be can come to get their lives in biblical order through love, counseling, and support center on wholeness, self-respect, self-responsibility and Christian principles. A place networked together with all necessary local resources to help provide such troubled women with a safehaven for a period of 3 – 24 months, helping them to get back on their feet being able to care for their own babies in a healthy and effective manner.