Stay On The SHIP


Fear is real. Each of us would like to pretend about how brave we are &

what we would do “IF” , much of that talk, however is just that, talk.  Truth

be told we really don’t know how we might respond in some scenarios until

faced with the unfortunate reality of that scenario itself; no simulations, “The real

deal, Holyfield.”


There are a specific brand of storms designed to sift through everything in it’s path.

No man is an exception. There are storms so dark & fierce that would make grown men

cry like children.  This is the type of storm that these men faced on that ship with Paul.

They were so afraid that they were willing to jump over board to save their lives at any

cost. However, Paul the night before had a word from God; stay on the SHIP.


Perhaps, you too are in a storm right now. Perhaps you too are more anxious, torn and

confused than every before.  Maybe the winds of life have been putting a beating on

you for a  good while now; hurting you in places that you didn’t know you could hurt.

The pain is real. You have suffered through the storm long enough. Why put up with

any more? Well, check your mail from the Lord. Just maybe, it’ll begin to make more

sense that you are going “through” the storm but not “to”the storm. The Lord has plans

for you on the other side of the storm and in that case:

No Matter How Fierce The Storm & Thick Your Fears; Stay On The SHIP




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