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Joshua House of Worship


Living & Loving; Learning; Giving; Glowing and Going throughout San Antonio to faithfully share our testimony about God’s goodness to us and His love for all humanity as we live our lives passionately and purposefully in order to make strong, healthy, multi-generational and multicultural disciples for God; giving Him the maximum glory in all things.

The Leadership Tribe is the realm of pastoral leadership. It exists to connect the heart of the overall church to the heart and vision of God. It is to be carried on from the heart and mind of the senior pastor. It is his chief duty to see to it that all ministry and its components are congruent with the church vision. His role it equip, empower, encourage, exhort and cast forth a vision that is to be clearly and consistently articulated through preaching, teaching, training and example. The Leadership Tribe assumes responsibility for the oversight of all congregational ministry. As part of the Leadership Tribe there is a gathering of all covenant leaders known as the “Leadership Connection.” The Leadership tribe lifts, gives light to and is chiefly connected to every purpose & project assigned to the church.