The Joshua House of Worship Vision

Living & Loving; Learning; Giving; Glowing and Going throughout San Antonio to faithfully share our testimony about God’s goodness to us and His love for all humanity as we live our lives passionately and purposefully in order to make strong, healthy, multi-generational and multicultural disciples for God; giving Him the maximum glory in all things.

At JHOW We EnVision:

- A church committed to a full and firm belief in the supreme authority and practical application of God’s word in our lives. - A vibrant church that is biblically healthy and socially relevant emphasizing Christ like, spiritual health as the key measurement of our spiritual growth - A church where every member is accountable to the body of Christ for our actions starting with the pastor and leaders - A church with a spiritually qualified team of ordained persons in ministry under the leadership of the senior pastor - A church strategized to equip a core group of ‘ministers’ committed to equipping the congregation for the work of the ministry - A church that continuously and effectively prepares our children to assume the reigns of spiritual leadership being able to carry out their God gifted areas of ministry effectively as adults - A church that gives special honor, love, recognition and heed to the wisdom of our senior saints - A church that promotes and perpetuates the biblical model of healthily functioning marriages and families - A church that is ethnical, educationally and economically diverse - A church with deep relationships and commitments within her community - A church partnered with others of like faith to accomplish greater works for the glory of God - A church where “The love of God abounds unconditionally and worship comes to life.” With God’s favor and blessing, there will be several future ministry extensions born out of the seeds of our labor today. To God be the glory for our rich past but even more so for our dynamic future. What we do, Right Here-Right Now will help shape the realities of our church tomorrow.