Ministry Team

Leadership Tribe

Pastor Mel Keyes

The Leadership Tribe is the realm of pastoral leadership. It exists to connect the heart of the overall church to the heart and vision of God. It is to be carried on from the heart and mind of the senior pastor. It is his chief duty to see to it that all ministry and its components are congruent with the church vision. His role it equip, empower, encourage, exhort and cast forth a vision that is to be clearly and consistently articulated through preaching, teaching, training and example. The Leadership Tribe assumes responsibility for the oversight of all congregational ministry. As part of the Leadership Tribe there is a gathering of all covenant leaders known as the “Leadership Connection.” The Leadership tribe lifts, gives light to and is chiefly connected to every purpose & project assigned to the church.

Tribe of Administration

Sister Lillie Stevenson

There are various works and functions of the church that seem to be more natural than spiritual but are nevertheless, essential and important aspects of church ministry. The Administration Tribe connects our heads and hands to those strategic, practical, logistical operations that make for a more effective overall ministry. The purpose and function of the Administration Tribe is to ensure that JHOW has competent and effective administration in place to see to the needs of the overall church management in regards to its practical business. The Tribe of Administration includes all aspects of ministry to include: church staff, secretaries, publications, public relations, print, media output, property management, newsletter, advertisement, photos, websites and a host of others. This Tribe is responsible for the management of all official church documentation, accounts, property, equipment and resources. The Tribe of Administration also supports various aspects of each of the purposes of JHOW.

Tribe of Worship

Minister Sandra Evans

The purpose and function of the Worship Tribe is to magnify God and to invoke His presence within congregational settings in such a way as to make His presence known to our members & our guests. It exists to connect our hearts to God in worship. Worship is much more than music; JHOW uses various ministries to express sincere, fervent and biblical worship towards God. Amongst these ministries are: choirs, praise dance, drama, poetic preaching, mimes, audio visual mediums and a host of other creative expressions. The Worship Tribe supports the JHOW purpose of “Glowing” for God.

Deacon Tribe

Deacon Wallace M. Sheridan Jr.

The Deacon Ministry Tribe is a ministry of Deacons & deaconesses who function in pastoral roles towards the congregation, primarily in behalf of the pastor. It exists to connect the heart of the pastor to the heart of the members. This tribe can only be entrusted to those with the highest degree of integrity and commitment to serving God and God’s people for the glory of the Lord. Every deacon in this ministry is assigned the responsibility to oversee the spiritual well being of numerous families assigned to their care, serving as a liaison between the pastor and the people. This tribe also supports the JHOW purpose of “Living and Loving.”

Joshua Generation Tribe

1st Lady Kendra Keyes

The Joshua Generation Tribe is comprised of JHOW’s youth & children ministry. It connects the heart of our youth & children with the heart of GOD. Our vision for the Joshua Generation is not just to get ministry to the youth but to pull ministry from our youth. It is the aim of this ministry to lead our young people into becoming mighty warriors for God’s army. This ministry helps to prepare for the role that JHOW is to play in future generations by equipping and stirring the hearts of tomorrow’s leaders today. The Joshua Generation Tribe includes such ministries as: choirs, small group studies, praise dance, mime, drama, drill team, youth trips, youth center, leadership training and a host of other ministries. This tribe supports every aspect of JHOW’s purposes. We are also charged with the establishment of a community youth center as a means of outreach, evangelism and discipleship. The purpose of the youth center is to meet the needs of children in the church community, through teaching of biblical principles, leadership development, tutoring, mentoring, job training, character development, participation in “drop out prevention outreach” and family support.

Mission Tribe

Brother Tryone & Minister Patricia Jordan

The heart of the Missions Tribe goes out first and foremost to lost unbelievers and secondly towards un-churched believers detached from a true spiritual family. It is the call of those within the Missions Tribe to go out into the highways and the byways and compel men to come to Christ before it is everlasting too late. The Missions Tribe is the chief ministry concerned with taking the good news of our savior to those outside the church. The second aspect of the Mission tribe is to connect unchurched believers with the JHOW family & vision. This tribe includes such ministries as outreach, missionary support and maintenance, community service and various other forms of evangelism. The Missions Tribe supports the JHOW purpose of “Going.”

Prayer Tribe

Minister Ethel Molder

There is no work of the church no matter how simple that should not be bathed in prayer. It exists to connect the ears of the leaders & the entire congregation to the voice of God that we might be able to hear God even when he whispers. Prayer too is a spiritual posture seated before God in heavenly places. We assume our role there for worship, guidance, instruction, comfort and even correction. The purpose and function of the Prayer Tribe is to initiate the steps necessary to helping our church as a whole to become a total House of Prayer well pleasing in the sight of God. This ministry though led by those consecrated and committed to laying their hearts before God is to involve the whole congregation through prayer training, prayer walks, prayer watches, prayer chains and various other forms of connecting ourselves to the heart of God. The success of every other tribe depends upon the effectiveness and the fervency of The Prayer Tribe.

Tribe of Christian Education

Deacon Michael Duhon

The Tribe of Christian Education, led by our Director or Christian Education is a ministry devoted to spiritual growth through discipleship training, stewardship courses and various other forms of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. It connects the heads of God’s people to the truth of God’s word. All of our members are challenged to become people of the Word; to study like “the Bereans” through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and various other workshops, institutes, conferences, etc, which are used to produce meaningful, spiritual growth in every range of membership; from new converts to seasoned saints. This tribe most supports the JHOW purpose of “Learning.”

Tribe of Pastor Support

Minister Carolyn Brown

The purpose of the Tribe of Pastoral Support is to encourage and support of the chief visionary. When GOD sends a pastor, he sends someone with their heart turned towards the people. This tribe exists to connect the heart of the congregation to serve in partnership with the heart of the pastor. This Tribe is pledged together in love and godly support to lift up the arms of the pastor. The members are knit together to be sensitive to and tend to the needs of the under-shepherd; to intentionally and purposefully care for the one that God has sent to spiritually care for the flock. It must be understood that what one does for their man of God must be done with integrity, humility and sincerity as a means for honoring not only him but the God that gave him as a gift to the body. Honoring the man of God is seen throughout the scriptures as something close to the heart of God. God is glorified in being a blessing to the man of God. In strengthening him, the church becomes strong. If he is weak, the church too is weakened.

Young Fire Tribe (Young Adults)

Whitney Stevenson

Young Fire is comprised of JHOW’s young adult ministry from the ages of 18-35. It connects the heart of our young adults to serving and leading in the JHOW ministry to connect with the heart of GOD. This age group is usually one that has been known to grow away for a season away from the things of God. The role of YOUNG FIRE is to set the hearts of their peers aflame with a love for God and a desire to serve. Their ministry is one to reach outside the 4 walls to reach young adults where they can be found in creative, authentic and courageous ways for the glory of God. This is a ministry geared at not only bringing God’s people back to their faith in a restorative manner but taking it to another level and making it white hot on fire for God.

Membership Tribe


The purpose and function of the membership tribe is to help incorporate each member of the JHOW body into the specific role, place and function that God has purposed. Each member is to be seen as a gift from God, valuable, precious and priceless. To know that God has entrusted us with someone’s spiritual well being is an enormous privilege as well as responsibility. The Membership Tribe helps to facilitate the process that a new member faces after joining as well as the “spiritual maintenance’ that a more ‘seasoned’ member might need. This Tribe is composed of various ministries such as: the new members’ team, maturity class teams, missing persons or missing in action ministry, tour guide ministry, celebration team and others. The Membership Tribe supports the JHOW purpose of “Living and Loving.”